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Slimline Tile Insert 21 (STI21)

10’ x 4” x 13/16”

The world’s thinnest tile insert drain, the Slimline Tile Insert 21 is perfect for builds and renovations with height requirements making it easier to achieve your falls. All of our drains are UV Stable and come with a 25-year warranty against fading. Made from anodized aluminum and backed by a Lifetime Rustproof Warranty, these drains are ideal for indoor and outdoor projects, offering a practical and customizable drainage solution.


  • Available in lengths up to 3m (ability to extend further using Lauxes joiners)
  • Easy to cut onsite for the desired length
  • The waste outlet can be positioned anywhere along the bottom tray (recommended outlet sizes: 72mm and 80mm)
  • Holds tiles up to 10mm thick
  • Easy roll-out system for cleaning
  • UV stable


    Silk Silver


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Lauxes drains are carefully designed and manufactured to the highest standard with meticulous attention to detail. Please find our product warranty file Here. It is because of this care we stand behind your recently purchased unique, cost-effective and rust-proof product. Damages arising from improper/insufficient/negligence care or installation not following AS/NZS 3500.2 or manufacturers specifications will void the product warranty. If at any time the product itself should develop any defect, Lauxes drains agrees to correct the defect(s) without charge to the registered purchaser. This guarantee does not provide coverage of repairs necessitated by normal wear, misuse, accidental damage, or as a result of temperature changes.


A lifetime rustproof warranty is offered on all Lauxes floor drains to the original owner of the product. This guarantees that should all or part of the installed Lauxes floor drain develop rust to the physical structure of the drain; Lauxes shall replace all or part of the warranted product at no cost to the consumer, provided the steps below have taken place: Lauxes floor drains were installed by a licensed tradesman and in accordance with AS 3740-2010. Primary cleaning must also take place immediately after installation as outlined in our Product Care information.

Carefully Designed

Lauxes floor drains are carefully designed and manufactured from anodized aluminum to create a robust, cost-effective, and versatile drainage solution.

With Lauxes floor  drains, there is no compromise on functionality or style when creating designer living spaces.

Key Features

  • Rustproof.
  • Lightweight.
  • The top drain is easily removed for cleaning.
  • Different color choices to suit applications.
  • Easy to cut to the desired length.
  • No welding is required.
  • No major plumbing is involved as waste can be positioned anywhere along the bottom tray.
  • Ability to extend beyond 5.6m with the use of Lauxes joiners.